Professional Standards
Incident Report


The following report is to be completed and submitted online.

  • Incident reports cannot be filled anonymously.

  • All Incident Reports must be filled no more than 180 days following the date upon which the circumstances giving rise to the incident arose.

  • The report must include sufficient details regarding the incident and the timeline in order for ITSO to make a decision regarding jurisdiction of the incident.

  • Any field that is unknown or not applicable in the form can be left blank or filled in with n/a.

Person Submitting Incident Report

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Subject of the Incident Report

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Date of conduct giving rise to incident

Supporting Documentation attached to this Claim

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Incident Details

Please describe all facts relied on to support the claim.

I confirm that the information in this Incident Report is true to the best of my knowledge and I understand that a copy of this Incident Report may be provided to the person that is the subject of the incident, that person’s broker owner or broker manager, and the REALTORS® Association(s) that the person belongs to.

I understand that information in this Incident Report and the supporting documents, as well as any additional information that ITSO collects during an investigation of this incident, may include personal information as defined in the Personal Information and Protection of Electronic Documents Act.  I consent to the collection, use and disclosure of my personal information for ITSO to investigate this incident and take any other action that is deemed necessary for enforcement of the ITSO Professional Standards Complaints Policy.