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ITSO offers a premier MLS® System to Real Estate Associations that is intelligent and integrated with industry leading software and applications such as the OneHome portal, Teranet's Geowarehouse®, MPAC's Propertyline™ store, Prospects Mobile, Local Logic, CREA's WEBForms® (including Authentisign), CREA Home Price Index, ShowingTime, MarketStats, BrokerBay, Cloud Agent Suite (CMA, MLX, Streams), and Clareity SafeAccess. This system, coupled with a robust and comprehensive set of MLS® Rules and an impressive Professional Standards and Arbitration regime, have elevated ITSO and its users to be leaders in their communities, Associations, and profession.

ITSO provides data access via WebAPI to make the distribution of MLS® data simple and reliable. ITSO also has datashare and Intramatrix agreements with other Real Estate Associations, which means users do not need to join multiple associations or pay costly InterBoard fees.

Inquiries about how to become an ITSO service provider can be sent to

ITSO manages and supports the MLS® System and MLS® System database on behalf of our Member Associations. With ITSO managing the day-to-day operations of the MLS® System, this allows Member Associations to focus more on serving their members instead of managing the tertiary duties of the system. 

CoreLogic’s Listing Management Platform (Matrix™) is the number one industry standard for listing information about properties. It embraces the perfect combination of efficiency and innovation to help real estate professionals find listings their clients will love. Not only can homebuyers research properties through the client portal, but they can also communicate with their agents.

ITSO guards the data within the MLS® System using authentication wrapped within an intelligence-based monitoring system, which ensures user accounts are fully protected from breaches and unauthorized sharing of login credentials. The system actively monitors multiple points of data during the login process.

ITSO also provides all users with access to OneHome, their recently updated and intuitive to use portal to share listings with clients.

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