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ITSO is a not-for-profit corporation that strives to be the preferred MLS® System and technology provider for its Member Associations. The products and services that ITSO provides enable the REALTORS® belonging to those Member Associations to deliver superior solutions to their clients. With regional MLS® Rules, a regional Arbitration Policy, and a regional Professional Standards regime, ITSO ensures there is consistency when using its MLS® System and holds its users accountable for their conduct. This model ensures there is professionalism among the users of the ITSO MLS® System, and consequently the desire is that clients will choose REALTORS® that belong to an ITSO Member Association.



ITSO is a not-for-profit corporation that is owned and controlled by its Member Associations. All Member Associations get an equal voice and are actively involved in our committees as well as our rule and policy making process. Member Associations that join ITSO are able to provide all the benefits of ITSO to their members, while at the same time retaining their jurisdiction and local identity. ITSO is inclusive in it’s decision making process, routinely consulting with all its Member Associations, but at the same time is nimble and able to act fast without red tape or unnecessary bureaucratic barriers.


With 15 Member Associations and over 24,000 users that belong to those associations, ITSO provides economies of scale to bring down the price of services. With so many members and users ITSO has diverse representation on its committees, and provides the opportunity for Member Association Executive Officers as well as volunteers to work collaboratively on new initiatives and products.


While an MLS® System involves technology, it also ensures a certain level of accuracy of information, professionalism, and cooperation amongst REALTORS® - this is the human element of the system that ITSO values. ITSO has a regional professional standards and arbitration framework that ensures users of the ITSO MLS® System are held accountable for their conduct. The ITSO Arbitration Policy ensures that commission disputes will be resolved quickly and amicably, while the Professional Standards Policy ensures there is consistent enforcement of the MLS® Rules and requires users of the ITSO MLS® System to adhere to higher standards than the regulator.


The ITSO MLS® System gives users the ability to access one streamlined database of data from our 15 Member Associations. Sellers benefit from the exposure of their listings throughout the region and buyers have easy access to an expanded inventory. We ensure consistency by using one set of MLS® Rules and one set of MLS® forms, regardless of which Member Association a user belongs to. Finally, the ITSO MLS® System maintains a high level of data integrity so that our users and their clients can trust the information in our system.


The ITSO MLS® System gives users access to the best tools and technology so that they can provide superior solutions to their clients. Our system is integrated with the OneHome portal, Prospects Mobile, Geowarehouse®, MPAC's PropertyLine™ store, ShowingTime®, BrokerBay, Cloud Agent Suite® (CMA, MLX, Streams), Clareity SafeMLS®, and Local Logic to make all these services secure and easy to use. ITSO also provides a suite of statistics that are more comprehensive due to the regional nature of the system. ITSO provides RESO compliant datafeeds to make the distribution of MLS® data simple and reliable. Plus, a datashare arrangement with the REALTORS® Association of Hamilton-Burlington, and Intramatrix™ access to the Ottawa Real Estate Board and Sudbury Real Estate Board MLS® Systems means users do not need to join multiple associations or pay costly interboard fees.

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